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With rules changing often, immigration can fast become very complex. We break it down for you to give you peace of mind.

There are so many visas to choose, from spouse visas to get your partner over, to business visas to worker visas. Which one suits you depends on your individual circumstances, which we will take the time to fully understand.

Our expert advice can help you with obtaining the relevant visa to enter the UK, remain in the UK, bring family to the UK, obtain British citizenship, start a business or find employment.

Whatever your visa or immigration needs, we are on hand to offer friendly advice and guidance through the process.


Business is stressful. With so much going on the last thing you need is a headache when it comes to contracts and agreements.

We can help you with solving all your legal business needs, including shareholders agreements, service agreements, health & safety documentation, business disputes, employment & HR and company formation.

Medical Negligence

Sometimes the professionals just get it wrong. There is a certain standard that medical professionals must meet when dealing with patients, but don't always do so.

This could include a misdiagnosis, not providing adequate treatment, not operating correctly or just not taking your concerns seriously enough causing you to suffer unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Medical negligence claims are highly complex and only a competent and professional team of solicitors are able to handle such cases. We are proud of our track record of helping people who have been victims of negligence by their doctors or surgeons regardless of how complex the situation was. 

Road Traffic Accident

Road traffic accidents are the most common types of accidents. Given the amount of vehicles on the road today this doesn't come as a surprise. Unfortunately sometimes you just cannot do anything to avoid an accident regardless of how careful you drive.

The collision itself sometimes does not have to be severe to cause you soft tissue whiplash injuries. Even a small impact is enough to cause you discomfort. You are legally entitled to make a claim for injury or whiplash compensation because of that discomfort you felt. 

If you therefore were involved in an accident whether as a driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian hit by a car, and you suffered any injury, such as discomfort in your back, neck, either shoulder or any kind of pain whatsoever to any part of your body, then you are entitled to make a claim and receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Family Law

Family is one of the most fundamental aspects of life. When things go wrong, it becomes a highly emotional and stressful situation.

When that happens, you don't just need legal advice. You need legal advice from professionals who have empathy and concern.

We can help you with divorce proceedings, mediation, child contact & custody, financial & property matters, injunctions including non-molestation & occupation orders.

Whatever your needs are, we are certain we can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a private and confidential chat about your family matter.

Housing Disrepair

A housing disrepair claim arises when there has been an inadequate installation of cavity wall insulation, or your landlord fails to keep up with his duties to adequately maintain the property you are living in. The disrepair can cause a major inconvenience to your everyday life, especially if you are left with having to live with damp conditions.

Inhaling damp can cause medical conditions like asthma, and therefore it is important for your house to be properly maintained. 

A major issue recently has been the incorrect installation of cavity wall insulation, which simply has not been fit for purpose despite being installed for free. If you therefore had cavity wall insulation installed in your home then get in touch as it may have not been done properly and you therefore may be eligible to claim for the installation to be rectified so you do not suffer problems in the future if you haven't suffered already.

Accident at Work

If during the course of your employment you suffered an injury then you are also entitled to make a claim against your employer who will have employer's liability insurance in place. These types of claims typically arise if you were not provided with adequate training, or not given adequate protective clothing, or you were made to do jobs that were not reasonable for you to do for a number of reasons.

Such claims can also include situations where something fell on you, or you tripped over something during work.

Whatever the reason, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation if you suffered an injury whilst at work.

Serious Injury

Serious injuries are life changing. Losing bodily functions, limbs, or suffering injuries, such as to the back, so severe that you are unable to work anymore makes it crucial for you to receive the adequate support you need to get back on track with life.

With years of experience in dealing with high value claims, we will make sure you receive complete support you need to move forward. We can guarantee that we will also obtain the maximum financial compensation possible for you. Serious injury cases potentially are worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of pounds. It is therefore essential for you to choose us so that you have the right team to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

We promise that your claim will be in the safest hands should you choose us, giving you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your recovery and the things that really matter rather than worry about your claim.

Wills & Probate

After building your legacy, you need peace of mind to ensure it doesn't all go to waste. We are able to guide you through the process of setting up a will or the administration of an estate after a death.

We offer a personalised service after seeking to understand your specific circumstances and needs so you don't need to worry about the future.

Civil Litigation

We have decades of experience of successful litigating in all kinds of civil disputes. Whether it be negligence, or contractual disputes, sometimes the only course of action left to take is court proceedings.

Our team of solicitors are highly skilled in dealing with complex litigation work, whilst at the same time having the ability to explain every step of the process in simple terms so that you know exactly what is going on every step of the way.

Slip & Trip

If you suffer an injury due to a fall, whether on the street, in the road, or inside a public building then you are entitled to make a claim if the fall was a result of a defect in the floor such as a pothole, raised pavement slab, uneven cracked surface, or a wet floor etc.

Responsibility for a public footpath or road rests with the local Council, and they have a duty to maintain the footpath and road to ensure accidents don’t happen. However if a road or footpath has not been appropriately maintained to a reasonable standard, then you can make a claim against the Council if you fall and injure yourself as a result.

Furthermore, if you slip and fall over a wet surface in a shop, restaurant or supermarket, you are able to make a claim against the property owners or occupiers of the premises you fell on.