About Us

Who we are

Personal injury specialists

We are a highly skilled firm of solicitors dedicated towards being personal injury claims specialists. We guarantee that your claim for personal injury progresses smoothly and efficiently in order for you to receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Our areas of expertise range from serious injuries, road traffic accidents, slip or trips, medical negligence, incidents at work & other types of accident.

Our solicitors have decades of experience from which we have nurtured an unrivalled skill set and knowledge base.  This means that you can simply sit back, relax and allow us to do all the hard work for you in order to obtain compensation for your injuries.

What we do

No-win-no-fee agreement

At Leopold Wise, we pride ourselves in being the very best solicitors to manage your personal injury claim. 

We work on a strictly No-Win-No-Fee agreement basis. This basically means that even in the worst case scenario of your case not succeeding, we will not charge you a single penny. On the other hand, if we win your case we may take a small deduction from your compensation which will be agreed with you prior to proceeding with your case.

Please therefore do not hesitate to get in touch and speak with our friendly and accessible solicitors that are waiting to hear from you.

Why choose us

Solicitors keeping it simple

Having dealt with thousands of clients we understand how confusing and frustrating it can be in choosing the right firm of solicitors to deal with your claim. Our reputation stems from keeping things simple, explaining complex legal issues to you in a straight forward manner and keeping your needs at the heart of everything we do.

Our solicitors will always be there to assist you no matter what every step of the way. You can be in no doubt that you will receive the maximum possible compensation in the fastest time possible.

Although based in a small town in Batley, our client base is nationwide. Therefore you can be certain of receiving the absolute best service possible no matter where you are from.

We are most definitely looking forward to hearing from you so please do get in touch.